Can we discover a good balisong on Aliexpress, like we did on Amazon??? Or, will we discover even higher ones?? Yes!

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Director of Photography: Brandon Baker

00:00 Intro
01:33 Budget
02:40 Clone Territory
04:27 TheOne Falcon
05:49 How To Find More
06:47 CYOZ
08:01 Nautaclone
10:11 Thanks Patrons!!!
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  1. Wondering why there are comments from days ago? That's because our Patreon supporters got this video first!!

  2. u have balisong glidr arctic blue and silver for under 50 dolars on there its a clone

  3. just found this channel. is this going to be a new addiction… oh boyyyy

  4. Its obvious you dont want to try clone because you dont to say they not that Bad🤣
    This is ridiculous in m'y opinion

  5. Baliplus / The One, make a bunch of clones. I see nothing wrong with clones except when they use branding that makes it more of counterfeit. The best clone I've bought is the "chab " (channel alpha beast clone). I have bought a dozen or so knives from this seller.

  6. I wish I could go to China. And not wait a whole month for a ccc.(I don't have a spare 100$ for balisonf don't judge lol

  7. I went to an actual knife store one time and we were seeing if they had any Balisong trainers and the guy there recommended for us to get a knife from Ally express. Needless to say I’m getting the triton V2 soon……….

  8. Hey Will, Have you thought about ever making a discord
    nvm i just saw its for patrons only

  9. HEY! There is a squiddy clone on AliExpress. Would love you guys to review it 🙂

  10. Hey will would you be willing to do a review of the glidr arctic. I've been looking at I'm not sure if I should get it.

  11. Hey Will i heard that the maryn and maryn light are the best bang for your buck but there aren’t that many reviews on yt for it so maybe could you review it?

  12. Please review the squiddy-U I think that you'll like it because you didn't like the squiddy-D because it was plain but the U fixed that it's the same as the D but with blue handles and o-rings

  13. Hiii Will and Brandon!! Could you do a review on Theone falcon balisong please. Also huge fan!!!

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