You’ve discovered what seems to be an absolute discount on But is it secure to store there, or is AliExpress a rip-off? How lengthy will objects take to arrive, and what occurs if they do not? Here are the solutions you want.

The accompanying article, in case you’d quite learn this:

0:00 Intro
1:36 What is AliExpress?
2:38 What can you purchase on AliExpress?
5:45 How lengthy does delivery take?
6:03 Consumer safety time prolonged
6:28 Avoid Cainao (default delivery)
8:22 EVA the complaints robotic
10:32 Automatic Taxation for EU and UK
12:15 Should You Buy on AliExpress in 2021?
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  1. What are your thoughts on fake lego(lepin) on AliExpress lepin is the knockoff lego but still is amazingly good. I want this set that’s like 50$ we’re real lego of this set is like 300$. It says estimate delivery (if I ordered it) October 18 and it’s the 21 would that date be accurate?

  2. Never used aliexpress before, made an account and I used the new user coupon and my purchase got hit with a "closed due to security concerns" 😐

  3. This was a really good video!

    One way you can find a scam seller is WHEN they ship. If you check the tracking code multiple times and it's unable to generate any information, that's usually a scam.

  4. Thanks for the video. What are your thoughts on Fulfillman cj and other sourcing teams?

  5. Brought an item and been waiting 2 and a half months. Most of that time, parcel arrived in Belgium considering I live in the UK and been stuck in Belgium. They keep telling me it's been delivered to your destination area. Order the same product again from different seller and arrived in 10 days as promised on both. Done shopping for a couple of years now on Aliexpress and Bangood with no problems. Thanks for the heads up on there delivery services.

  6. you forgot that getting warranty on items without the Alianz warranty banner is very hard to do.
    There is a form of "warranty" but getting it is very very hard.

  7. I bought powerbanks that can power my HTC Vive Wireless adapter for a fraction of the price that it would cost to get here (plus the design was better with LED screen with power and voltage being displayed — MILES better than some retail store crap) and some other stuff. Takes forever to get! But save that money that stores always take away with shipping costs and whatnot.

  8. I try not to buy there, my latest 4 items bought there were not delivered, and only the first two of those 4 were refunded, after more than 6 months and the dispute was in favor of the seller always telling "the product is on the way"

  9. Same experience here. The most expensive thing I bought on AE was a camera tripod from a Chinese brand which is also sold on Amazon. It did take a long time to deliver but it did match all the notes on the reviews so I was happy.

  10. Most things on Amazon are coming from Aliexpress or Alibaba (same) then priced 6-10 times higher.

  11. I bought fairly expensive items from phones to entire 3D printers. Thankfully never had a single issue and I used to love the price but after the changes and VAT loophole closing. I now find I can pay almost the same to just get it next day from Amazon with of course all the protection that company offers.

  12. Only you have to do is be careful on the sellers…. but from the one with good reviews.. that’s all

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