Let me define the very best AlieExpress options that you should utilize as suppliers to your Shopify dropshipping & e-commerce shops.

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  1. good vid. but their prices are very high. that'll really eat into your adspends 🙂

  2. About shopify..one question..i make an website with shopify with 14 days trial period..but the problem is..i have a password on website and i have to buy the plan to remove that pw..and no one can see my website because this pw..how can i create website with shopify if they put a pw on it?? It suppose to be 14 days trial

  3. Spocket and dropcommerce is the best, European and US products+fast shipping and somes free. Why choose China products which no quality, stop investing to China

  4. Hi , great video. this will definitely be a big help. Thanks but do you happen to check Fulfillman and CJ. I always heard about this team

  5. Thanks for the video. I think that most of the suppliers besides the first 2 were not that useful.
    I would have appreciated a deep review of CJ, spocket, udroppy and eprolo. Perhaps next time!

  6. What's With Private Labeling Let's Say Cj Can I Message A Supplier And In General When I Have A Store Name Or Let's Say I Don't Even Have A Store Name And A Customer Gets A Product With A SYMBOLED Name What Does The Customer Think And Can I Ask A Supplier On Cj Or Spocket To Private Label?

  7. Very informative video
    Kindly make a full video on cj drop shipping for new and trending products which comes on AliExpress

  8. Can u make a tutorial on how to integrate products of these alternatives with wordpress woocommerce for dropshipping

  9. And Jack Ma is friendly with the previous leaders faction. So, he is in Xi's bad books. Hence ANT Groups IPO being cancelled.

  10. Thank you bruh for all precious things you bring in the life of everyone here! Stay blessed 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  11. Finding a supplier has been the biggest obstacle yet for me. Elliott coming in clutch with this vid😄

  12. hey guys i have started following elliot prendy and i think this video is game changing for dropshipping i have been building wordpress and woocommerce on fiverr for customers i can surely build my self a nice dropshipping store. should i shift to dropshipping.

  13. Thank you Elliott for this video. I opened my Shopify store last week and I am wary of using Aliexpress due to the longer shipping. This video is an eye-opener.

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